Lapiega is a new brand founded by the Italian industrial designer Enrico Girotti who created a collection as a synthesis of his formal research, on materials and workmanship.

Wire as stroke

Lapiega privilege the exile of the “metallic wire” in a relationship apparently incompatible with the strength and hardness of the metal, staged through the lines of the objects.
For our brand the object is determined by a sign, which, like a pencil stroke, defines the border between full and empty. It offers a unique design result of the direct commitment of the designer who carefully follows the realization of his products; following first-hand the creative process from design to production.
To do this he enters in synergy with all the people taking part in the production process: craftsmen carefully chosen for their quality work who bring value to the product that synthesizes it.

The brand’s goal is to finalize a research which is a project, transforming an idea into a metal stretch, developed thanks to skills and people who work together to produce objects of high quality, durable paying particular attention to their realization process which is what gives their uniqueness.

The Founder

Enrico Girotti is an industrial designer graduated at the IUAV in Venice.
He collaborates with important companies in the Italian and international scene, designing products that use different technologies, he knows and experience techniques and materials ranging from metal to wood and upholstered.
Co-founder of Monadi, for Pitti Uomo he created the “Maker” installation in folded metal wire, which enhances the thinness of the metal while maintaining its structural function.
From these experimentation comes the inspiration for the development of Lapiega, his personal brand founded in 2017.
During his yers of work what has distinguished him has been his attitude of maker characterized by the close link established between creation and production of an object.
In fact, the two are never two distinct phases of work but are personally supervised by the designer to have a product cared in every detail.

Process and materials

We work hard every day to create and develop products in high quality metal wire not only aesthetically very beautiful but even the most comfortable as possible.In the creation of our products relationships are fundamental: from the relation between the designer and the people who partecipate in the creation of the product up to the end user.This network allows the creation of top quality items, personalized from the beginning to meet every need.

The absolute protagonist of the collection is the wire. It is folded and worked according to the creative idea of the designer.
The idea is implemented step by step

through careful bending of metal, an automated process that uses advanced technologies but that requires an important interaction between the operator and the robot. The folded metal is then assembled and welded hand by hand by experts chosen for the attention and care in processing.
The designer has an active role in this process, following and sharing the stages of product development until it is completed.

If something does not work it is up to him to rethink the subject and make the creative idea realizable.
The finished product is then cleaned by hand, treated and finished according to the customer requirements and the final use.

finishes depending on your needs


The object is cleaned manually to ensure gloss and can be completed with:
Finishing powder painting, with polyester paint, it is durable and has many colors available.
Galvanic finish, precious and suitable for all interiors, gives elegance to the environments in which it is inserted. It is obtained through a galvanic bath and can be chrome, brass and copper, both opaque and polishes.


The object after being cleaned undergoes an electrolytic process based on zinc to give durability and increased resistance to atmospheric agents, after that is painted in the color you prefer.


Some of our products for interior include pads and cushions, extremely customizable are made in Italy, sewn by hand and chosen from a variety of fabrics and colors.

Contact us

Verona // Italy // Via Macello 13, 37121


Phone: +39.045.9580598


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